TVC Script – GO 92.5 FM

A man is driving down a deserted highway road. The air is hot and there is no other vehicle for miles around. As he speeds down the road, he passes milestones, which progressively read ‘Bombay 95.0 km’… ‘94.6’… etc. Through the drive, the only sound one can hear in the car is the radio crackling. As he moves past ‘93.5’ the crackling gets louder and one can hear feedback. Suddenly he skids to a stop as he sees a traffic light glowing red with a signboard under it, which says simply ‘92.5’. As he pulls up at the light, the radio springs to life and belts out the current rage international pop single. He looks at his radio display, which also reads ‘92.5’ and looks out of the window, trying to make sense of the traffic light and the crossroads (still on red) in the middle of nowhere. On the intersecting road on either side of him, he sees long lines of cars parked. He rolls down his window and hears the song on his radio blaring on all the radios around. The song fades to an end as he looks up at the traffic light, which has turned to ‘Go’ with the ’92.5’ milestone below it. The radio can be heard ‘the sound of go… the sound of go… the sound of Go 92.5’. He smiles at the scene around, leans back in his car and switches off the engine, closing his eyes to the music.