TVC Script I-Biscuits

A girl walks in late to a college classroom as all male eyes follow her. She sits down in a vacant seat as the professor starts talking. As she sits, she catches the eye of a boy on the other end and signals to him. He looks at her, intently attempting to figure out what she is trying to say. She in turn tries various ways to communicate with her hands, making tiny boxes in the air, pointing to her midriff, even as the professor catches on and frowns at the boy. As he is looking at the girl, who is licking her lips, the professor walks up to his desk and raps on it. The girl shakes her head in defeat.

Catching on to the scene, the boy sitting on the other side of her taps her and passes her a packet of I-Biscuits under the table. She smiles at him and heaves a sigh of relief, popping one in her mouth, as the professor looks the other way. The pack shot fades in with the three flavors and then a comeback to students filing out of the room, the second boy walking with the girl as the first boy sits and bangs his head on his desk.

V/O - I-Biscuits. Hamesha saath rakhen.