TVC Script – Tata Indigo

A well-dressed gentleman walks into a plush restaurant. As he walks through the door, one can hear an assortment of faint sounds – diners at the tables around, hushed conversation, the muted clinking of cutlery. He walks up to the maitre’d and inquires about his reservation (conversation cannot be heard, but is implied through gestures). He is led to a table, where he sits down and looks at his watch, in obvious expectation of somebody. The steward comes up to him and he places an order, gesturing ‘one’ with his finger. The waiter returns with a large wine glass and places it on the table while the man is repeatedly glancing at his watch and the restaurant entrance. As he waits longer, his gaze shifts from the door to the glass in front of him. As he looks into the glass he gets a benign smile on his face and clutches the rim of the glass with his fingers as if holding a steering wheel. We hear the sound in his mind - a car engine revving and other traffic sounds, as he ‘drives’ with the glass.

At the door we see a girl rushing in through the rain outside, water dripping from her raincoat as she walks up to the table where the man is seated. She looks at him, still engrossed in ‘driving’ the glass, with a quizzical expression.

The scene fades out to the line – “Don’t drink and drive” followed by the line “A public service message brought to you by Tata Indigo” with the ‘Tata Indigo’ logo. Screen fades back to the scene as the man looks up from his glass to see the girl as she shakes her head as if to say “iska kuch nahi ho sakta” and smiles, “Wanna go for a drive?”