Alok Garg

Alok Garg was born in Raurkela and brought up in Bhilai. He completed his engineering from Devi Ahiliya University in Information Technology. Thereafter, he joined Syntel India Limited as a software trainee. Very soon he got an opportunity to work for Oracle India Private Limited as an Application Engineer. Both these companies provided him with an excellent platform for understanding and sharpening his people skills. They gave him a much broader outlook of organisations without missing out on the finer details and intricacies of human relationships.

His passions are Table-Tennis and Dramatics. He still regrets the day he had to forgo the opportunity to represent his school in Table-Tennis for fear of losing out academically. He had always been involved in theatre in school and college. His childhood dream was to become an actor.

He hates status-quo and takes the potential to improve and innovate in a situation as a challenge. He loves to analyse things and come up with a better or more enhanced model of understanding situations and seeing things from a different perspective. His academic skills are proved by his self-touted claim to being an NTSE scholar and C.B.S.E. merit certificate in Mathematics.

He is currently enrolled in the Post-graduate Program at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow.

In a world of anonymity,
trying to create a name.
Where every drop counts,
spilling away some blood.
Where passion fights my love,
love supports my passion.
Walking alone in a crowd,
Remaining aloof from humanity.
Reality challenges my dreams,
Dreams make my reality faceless.
Every feeling for a reason,
Every reason narcissistic.
Every weakness an albatross,
every smartness holy.
Where every breath makes you
better but different
Every life has attached goal,
where no goal is life.
everything around seems to be rational,
deep inside you know

Oh God! I am not rational.