Aarthy Praveen

Arathy 'I-need-to-get-thinner-even-if-I-look-like-a-Somalian-refugee' Praveen. Arathy has got scope. A walking advertisement for aerobic cycles. All the superiority 'complex' Chits has acquired seems to have been borrowed from her sister. OH! Did I forget to mention that Arathy is the elder of the twin pair of Baby Pam and herself. If you want exclusives on Baby Pam, the girl, the chic(?), the phenomenon, she's got her own page. Where? Go look.

Where were we? Ah, yes! Arathy. The unpublicized member of the pair. Somehow, Chits has done such a good job of her job that 'Chitra' can be 'Chitra', but 'Arathy' is always 'Arathy & Chitra' . It's 'Happy Birthday Chitra' on 25th May, 215xxxx (oh no, you don't) is Chitra's phone no. in the gang's phone diaries, and it's Chitra's (on a generous day, Chitra and Arathy's but never just Arathy's) house, Chitra's Room and oh, but of course(and this is true) Chitra and only Chitra's 'Braun ____ ____' But like I said, this is Arathy's page. You wanna know about Chitra, go scram back to the friends page.

Oh! You're still here are you? You wanna know more about Arathy, do you? You're the intelligent one, huh? Well I, for one, am not telling you. At least until she approves this. Once she thinks this is all there is on the page, I'll add all the juicy gossip.
Talking about gossip, Arathy beats Shobha De and the likes any day. Arathy rubs De into the dirt. She is the undisputed 'Queen of Gossip'. She puts the barber and the maid, and 'we-know-who's-Mom' to shame. And unlike theirs, 87.6% of Arathy's gossip consists of factual statements. The above calculation was made on the analysis of verifications of the last five hundred gossip statements made by her. I take pride in analyzing my facts and figures. Talking about figures… and this is the best page to talk about that… but like I said, after, only after she's approved of this much.

This page seems incomplete without mentioning Arathy's 'Deewana No.1' (believe it or not, I'm just 'Deewana No.2'). But then, he's got his own page, or he will soon, so scram.

Thought: How come I'm the only one without a page on me?