Pass the ‘Baq’ on – Total ‘Baq’was

Baklawl: How do you feel on being awarded the ‘Baq of the year award’?

Mohit ‘Baq’ Gupta: This question can be answered after a lot of thinking… a lot of thinking….
     No comments… next question please.

Baklawl: What is your driving force?

MG: Abdul Haq, Afhgan freedom fighter.

Baklawl: How?

MG: Haq and Baq rhyme… also Inzamam-ul-Haq.

Baklawl: How did the change come in your personality all of a sudden?

MG: Earlier I was restricted to my room and roommate (Aana). Since Aana was out this year I moved on to Nepali(Shamu). Shamu didn’t satisfy me and then I moved on to the hostel in general.

Baklawl: Who is your biggest victim?

MG: Not clear. Ask the victim… SRCH maidan mein joh bhi dikhe who.

Baklawl: Who is your idol?

MG: Nischint Baijal.

Baklawl: What is your aim after winning ‘Baq of the year’?

MG: First I want a B.C. association with Marda and Chawla as the founders and myself as the chairman and idol.

Baklawl: What is your advice to the upcoming Baklawls of the hostel?

MG: CAT ke liye tayyari karo. Your frustration will take care of the rest.

Baklawl: Do you think B.C. is necessary?

MG: It is necessary for overall development. MD secured high marks but still he was not interviwed (by ‘The Baklawl’). I am the privileged one.