In BITS and Pieces

(Published in and The Write Stuff 2000, the 'English Literary Society' Publication)

With the qualities of, but not looking much like Jim Morisonís 20th century fox, I arrived fashionably late for Oasis from my extended autumn vacation in Bombay. Having vowed to grace Oasis with my presence this year, I had convinced myself that any (further) classes I missed would be in the line of duty representing the college, and taking the contingent to Pilani. As I had incorporated the will, I set out to discover the way. After much persuasion, I managed to round up Saket, Dalal and Bose to catch the last bus to Pilani. Armed with warm jackets and some of us with fake IDs, we made our way to Bhagirathi, our allotted hostel, just opposite ANCS(All night canteen a.k.a A Nightly Candid Snack).

With the aid of Bose's frequent last-year-in-Pilani tales, we survived on a daily dose of Dosas and Chofo(chocolate & coffee) shakes. Our cash stash was somewhat depleted by the 500 chip registration fee which we consequently decided to make full utilisation of, by participating in every event we were awake for.

The highlight of the trip, apart from losing Saket's camera, breaking into the guesthouse, making counterfeit milkshake coupons and 'borrowing' an absentee BITSian's bicycle for travelling from the Informalz Desk to our accommodation centre, was Mr. and Ms. Oasis. Christened MAMO, it's the crowning event (pun intended) of Oasis. As it turned out, both Bose and me ended up being crowned!!!

With a host of memories, fed-up of Tambi BITSians counting the mattresses in our room, up to our ears in milkshakes and Dosas, we returned, dreary and weary-eyed to the starless skies and polluted streets of Delhi, which beats Pilani hollow when it comes to cooking up dust-storms.