Chitra Praveen

Chitra Praveen - Ms. Lakme Sunscreen 1998. But there's a lot more to Chitra, if you peel away the layers of sunscreen, you might actually find a human being in there. Or maybe behind her sister's exercise bike.

Anyway, this page has been erected in honor of their birthday, which was yesterday, that is the 25th of May. The bash was good. Damn good. I have to say this cuz someone is sure to give her a printout of this page. No but seriously, it was a good party. I think I said that already. Didn't I then? The cake was good. The pudding was good. The music was good. The dancing was good. The jokes were good. And for a change, Chitra was good. Nah, j/k. She wasn't. No actually, she's a nice girl. She's got a heart. I dunno if it's of gold, but it's a heart all right. But then, that isn't saying much. So does the principal. God knows where his is though.

Aren't we veering away from the subject at hand? We were talking about Chits. One of the few girls, and I'm trying to be modest, ahem, who would rather kiss a golden retriever than yours truly. Now that is saying much. See! This is the good thing about having your own homepage. You can write whatever the hell you want and most anyone has to beleive it(or at least put up with it) cuz it's on the net.

Then again, we weren't talking about me, we were talking about Chits. Chitra has four cute little dogs at home. One of them is the best dog I've seen. Mainly cuz it's the only dog I've seen with attitude. You think dogs can't understand English. Well, not this one. Abhijeet was at the party yesterday, and he said something about not liking dogs. Our bitch(Betty, the dog, I mean of course) promptly peed on him.

Dogs have it made. The term ' it's a dog's life ' has come to take new meaning. I mean, you (you being a dog) get your food, you sleep whenever you want, girls pet you all the time without having to give them flowers and chocolates, you get to pee on people you don't like, you get to walk every evening with lovely looking girls and take them most wherever you want, you don't get fined for nudity, you don't need to pay off the loan on the house(actually, neither do I... my Dad takes care of that... but it sounds good anyway). They really have it made. You're not convinced? Trying going down and peeing on the first fire hydrant you see.

Oh! Did I tell you. Chitra's got her life all planned. All she needs is an MD and a rich husband. God, she makes it sound so easy. Little does she know that she ain't the only girl looking out for a rich sucker. And guys are smartening up nowadays. Rich suckers are in shortage. Well, we'll just wish her the best of luck, cuz if anyone deserves a rich sucker, it's Chits.

Ed's Note (25/12/01) - She's gone through with the first step of the plan. On her way to being a dentist, as is her sister, Ararthy. Will the insufferable (um... inseperable) pair never leave each other's company?