Domnic Agera

When speaking of Domnic, I would like to relate something I heard today. Domnic Agera is synonymous with Colaba. Domnic means Colaba. The entire area. Out of every 10 people who walk the streets in Colaba, Domnic knows 11.He studied, if you would call that studying, presently in 'ElphinstoneCollege (if you would call it a college). Domnic also used to be synonymous with ‘panga’ which is colloquial for the equivalent of street fights. He has however, at least to my knowledge, refrained or reduced his participation in these activities. He is however, a little downcast recently over an affair gone rotten(actually, he's been saying that for nigh on five years now... yes, about the same girl). He would be what you would call the Big Moose of our school, except that he does't look like Moose. You only know what I mean when you bang into him.