Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1

Farewell '99 - Turn, Turn, Turn

Respected Principal Sir, Teachers, and

That word should take on a new meaning for all of us today. Since I was five years old, I've been in KV, Almost as long as I can remember being alive. I don't know anything apart from KV. I've always been under it's shelter. And this is the end of that shelter, the end of innocence, the end of our childhood.

If there is one outstanding thing about this institution, it is the dedication, integrity, and sincerity of the teachers. Each in their own way have contributed to making us what we are today by imparting unto us not only education, but knowledge by the development of both our moral and intellectual faculties.

For us, it's time to leave, and I for one am scared. I suppose there is a time for everything - 'to be born, to die, to gain, to lose, a time for every purpose under heaven'. And in this respect I'd like you all to listen to a number by 'The Byrds' .

(Version on the Forrest Gump Soundtrack is played)