Guninder Singh Sandhu

Guninder 'you-an-call-me-Gonu' Singh. I decided the name was too cute for a guy 3 heads taller than me(and I ain't no shorty at 6 feet minus three inches). So I called him Guns.And hence the name sticks. Natch, he's the first on the school's honor board of would-be-Michael Jordans. Ever heard of the expression 'looking daggers' at someone. Now think of looking into the barrel of a .303. Yes, the barrel of a gun. Ah! You're beginning to get the picture.

Guns is 'perfect but too good for NDA material'. NDA = National Defence Academy = 'per adua ed astra' for Shakti Mukund. But whose talking about Shakti anyway. We were, or at least I was, talking anout Guns - the Zombie of Commerce.

Guns as a Zombie -
At the advent of the sighting of an attractive member of the opposite sex (yup, the ones with the weird hairdos who love shopping and hate sex) Guns's pupils increase in radius to accommodate the excess blood flow to the blood vessels of the eyes. The iris expands, the ears perk up like Noddy's, the jaw drops a few centimeters, and the hands become clenched fists. Much the same reaction is witnessed in him when Mr.Nadarajan explains, i.e. attempts to explain, the phenomenon of intersection of two non-parallel planes in 3-dimensional Geometry, but for not quite the same reason I think.

Talking about Guns and the opposite sex, since we have arrived at the subject I'd like to qoute a song. Yeah, baby, there's a song for everyone. So here's 'The Eagles' with 'Take It Easy' and the words -
'I got seven women on my tail,
Four that want to hold me
Two that want to stone me
One says she's a friend of mine'.

Go figure.