Jayant Gupchup

Sorry, gus. Jayant came over and I didn't have any food so he ate his page.


GUPPI! One stops to ponder the imagination of his pals who have been able in the many years since his inception to produce for him infinite nicknames, which are little more than horrible contortions of his own name (including 'smartgups', an oxymoron he has carved for himself). Some however claim that 'Juggi' has more to it than meets the eye, being closer to a metaphoric to do more with the stomach than the eye. However, on further research, we discover that the original Jughead (of Jughead and Archie fame) was named so because his ears caused his face to liken a jug. Here one begins to wonder…

Ten Years After (Give or take a decade). GOI buffer stocks have been put to use. Food is no longer scarce and the economy is on the rise again. This page still in need of urgent update. There is now apparently space for this page, rendering one of my many excuses for not updating it useless. Guppi has discovered this himself, having begun research in space, probably with the sole purpose of convincing me that there is space for his page.

Of course, everything in life is a trade-off, as Bevu would have us believe. In the case at hand - namely Guppi - the trade-off was between his current vocation and an income 5 times my own a month ago and infinite times that currently (nil, duh). Guppi, much to Bevu's chagrin, has chosen the former. Bevu, self-proclaimed Pentium, would do well to explain the details himself. However, having deleted all references to Microsoft from his hard drive and his latest protagonist UNIX having crashed, Bevu ver 5.10 no longer has an OS and now only communicates in binary code. His last words were 110011001001 10010 101001 011110010110 1101010010001 001010101010 110101101 1110001001 01010101 0111010101… or thereabouts, I think.

Bevu would also explain, if one could decipher the matrix as speedily as he entwines himself in it, why this page would always be in need of update. In the tradition of trade-offs, the ultimate trade-off is in a singular commodity - time. And there will never be enough time to update. However, there will also not be enough time to explain this to Guppi, because this… is but one of the subtle differences between a P 510 and a 286.

This page is dedicated also to the memory of R2D2 and C3PO. May the force be with you.

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