Memoirs of a KVite - by Anshuman Shankar

U think its a drag, when ur pushed in at 5
burdened by that bag, 
o little 1, U begin UR life.

At home Ur taught,
use the right place to piss,
but dudes at KV,
always seem to miss.

NOt just the 5 yr olds,
even the elder 1s R bold,
to crap just in the vicinity,
and maintain the continuity.

Be it gawars or chamars,
they r all there,
even cool sardars!

Its a coed school,
that means there r girls too!
Most of them R dark,
Think they can make it to modelling ?
Perhaps just 2.
But what matters more to me,
is their friendly coo.

THe guys shine like supernovas,
Yeah, they r all cassanovas.
But what they seem to miss, 
is that in skool,
theres just 1 Liz.

There R branches all over the world,
And I`ve seen just a few,
where sport teachers R called shikaris,
and drawing teachers nicked Bhikaris.

(Proposed morning assembly prelude - "Ab barahvi kaksha ke Anshuman Shankar apni ek svarachit kavita apke samne prastut karenge. Iske baad samooh geet 'Hum honge Kamiyab'" - just a thought)

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