Love and Let Live

The last tear had dropped and dried
Two days since he had walked away
His sorrow was not lessened as he cried
Nor thoughts dispersed as he did walk astray.

He knew not now to where his path did lie
He only knew what he had left behind
The dying embers of love’s funeral pyre
Was all the thought that passed within his mind.

In crumpled clothes he sat by ocean’s side
The evening sun was low upon the sky
His thoughts went out as did receding tide
The sand with whispering wind and time did fly.

Their sympathy for him they would declare
On his return they’d keep him company
For consolatory words he did not care
And so alone he stayed there by the sea.

Through trails of thought to talk of times ago
As she had sighed and spoken in one breath
When of her fate she had but come to know
"Celebrate my life, don’t mourn my death."

In sounds of silence, he sat on ocean shore
As he dwelt upon the times that now were past
And what for him the future had in store
He rose, and to the heavens spoke at last.

"Oh life" he cried, "To me one answer give
What use is being when one must be alone
For life is love and we did love and live
For all the years I now look back upon?"

With dusk of day the light did finally fade
And now he smiled for his reply he knew
He’d live the words with which she bade farewell
"Live your life as you would have me do."