The Marketing Mix - Colgate Herbal White Toothpaste

The Product

Product variety - Colgate Herbal White is part of the range of toothpastes offered by Colgate Palmolive in India, which is led by Its flagship brand Colgate Dental Cream (CDC). The brand was launched in 2001 and is essentially targeted at traditional consumers who seek natural ingredients (such as in semi-urban and rural towns)

Quality – Being a popular segment product and an offering by Colgate-Palmolive quality parameters are thoroughly tested to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Features – Herbal White promises a ‘unique formula’ including a special blend of eucalyptus, calcium and minerals and ;lemon extracts.

Brand Name – The use of Herbal in the brand name is self-explanatory. Herbal ‘White’ has been highlighted to stress their brand proposition of ensuring ‘pearly white teeth’.

Packaging – The green-coloured packaging enhances the ‘herbalness’ of the product, while the pneumonics of mint leaves, lemon and eucalyptus supplement the ingredients which lend uniqueness to the product. The colours red and the word ‘new’ in blue are the two colours researched to be the most eye-catching on the shop shelf and aid the choice of the product during the purchase decision process. Standard fonts and colours of Colgate and associated pneumonics serve to maintain familiarity with the brand and capitalise on positive associations such as that of being one of the most trusted brands in the country (Brand Equity survey).

Sizes – It is available in three sizes as most others in the segment - 50g, 100g and 200g..

Warranties and Returns – Are not offered on the product.


List Price – The list price of the product is Rs. 12.50 for the 50g pack, Rs. For the 100g pack, and Rs. For the 200g pack. The product is in the popular segment which is priced higher to only the economy segment and lower than the gel and premium segments in the toothpaste market.

Discounts/Allowances – No promotional discounts are allowed for.

Payment period/Credit terms – Being an off-the-shelf FMCG, in line with the category, no credit is allowed by the company (though the store allows credit on purchase of all items).

Colgate HerbalPromotion

Sales Promotion – None at the retailer level apart from possible recommendation by the shopkeeper.

Advertising – Advertising is in the form of TVCs (television commercials) and uses the beaver ‘gillu’ as a mascot of the product.

Sales Force – Sales force consists of the company’s distributor’[s who are instrumental I ensuring that the product is stocked by the retailers, which is made easier by the range of product offerings supplied by the same distributor of Colgate Palmolive.

Public Relations – PR campaigns were undertaken extensively during the launch of the brand in leading newspapers and magazines, though they were focused more directly on enhancing the image of the parent company in the eyes of stakeholders like shareholders potential investors, etc. that in consumers.

Direct Marketing – Direct marketing to the consumer was not done at this retail outlet.


Channels – The products is sold in retail outlets like Kirana stores, supermarkets, medical shops, co-operative stores etc. It is distributed through the supply chain of company distributor to wholesaler to retailer to final consumers.

Coverage – The product is available in the all-India market, including semi-urban and rural markets which is their primary focus.

Locations – The product is placed at just below eye-level at the store surveyed among other brand clutter, unlike at most other supermarkets, where product placement at eye level and near the payment counter is generally preferred for such relatively low-involvement products, especially in the case of small packs which might be impulse purchases on a trial basis.

Inventory  - The retailer stock varied by size. The store surveyed contained 15 items as turnover of the product is not very high.