The Mean Club - Grrrrrrrrr....

The omnipresent, all pervasive, completely potent(read as competent)... the one, the only... The Mean Club. Don't think for a moment you can escape our wrath but logging into cyberia. Not that you meer mortals would have the ability to think, even if you had the brains. The MC was formed (quite naturally) by the meeting of the unspeakable(and for lack of space and time unwriteable) talents of its founder members(who I did not decline to mention were self-proclaimed). In there all empowering greatness they bestowed the much coveted title of President, to the only possible choice... ahem.... but fret not, you can stand at ease even as you read about the lives of us honourable legends.

Enough gabber, I don't have time to waste so that you can read my words of wisdom(plus the subtle fact that you may get sickly bored and leave the site).

That's the mean club in a nutshell.

Apart from it's members,whose names will of course be enshrined in the history records forever. But then, why tell you things you already know?

At this juncture, while speaking of membership, one may find it of some use to note that one cannot infinitely increase membership of the mean club by marrying oneself into the mean club, divorcing, and then marrying another mortal into the mean club. Such inanities will not be tolerated for long. There is a limit to our nicities, so don't push it.

If you haven't had big enough blows dealt to your egos yet, then we'll be less than happy to meet you in person and shatter your self-esteem for you. Don't bother looking for us, just follow thew crowd!!!