Amit 'SentiKing' Mehra

Amit Mehra, Senti King of SRCH(Reads Shri Ram College Hostel). My roommate all through first year, also 'Eco-friendly'. Uh, that means, is a student of Economics Hons("for those who came in late"). Hailing from Dharamshala, Mehra is the king of 'pelna'(both fundas and senti). One of the base members of BAMS (Bose Bhandari Butalia Agarwal Mehra Modi Marda Mukundan Sureka). Like that, like that, like that...

No longer aspiring, but past Economics Society President of SRCC, a man on the move(he used to move between Dharamshalla and Ghziabad). Recent;y however, his local guardian's have been tretaing him like their own son(we wonder why) and so he has stopped frequenting Dharamshalla. He was also in search of people to give talks in college, in a constant battle with the Principal who thinks 'Economics Society is not a small society' (even after meeting Mehra).

Whatever happened to 'Be-chari'? Sunne mein aya hai, she was to become an exec. member of ELS courtsey Arijit Bose. Just another forgetful day in the life of Bose.