Name : Rahul Modi

Trademarks : Perpetual sheepish smile, involuntary every 3-minute index finger

to spectacles movement, pause to create effect after every 5th word.

Not to be confused with : Russi Modi, Modi Continental Tyres, Aishwarya Rai.

Not to be confused with (solely by Sureka) : Kareena Kapoor.

An extremely amicable personality, Rahul Modi was judged Hostel Ms.Fresher on the basis of his appearance and not his personality. In retrospect, he should have been judged Mr.Fresher as well. A strong liking for Bollywood music earns him a place in the bad books of his comparatively ugly roommate, Maintenance Secy. Ashwin Kaliappa, whose grasp of the language is restricted to ‘Arrey, *@#$%&!’

6’1”, fair and ‘cute’, the quiet Jaipur lad becomes the bait that BAM members use for catching fish of the opposite sex, which they are at a somewhat more disadvantageous state for doing themselves. Like a turtle emerging from his shell, Modi occasionally takes a break from his engrossing law books to peep into my room and keep everybody in silent anticipation, waiting for him to finish the sentence he started half an hour ago. Which is probably why he speaks very little. (Unlike Bose, who after half an hour, and five dozen sentences, still hasn’t got around to answering the question he was asked).

Modi is currently in Jaipur as he has absconded after he became sec(s)y of the 'History and Political Science Society' and then, folowing tradition, fell ill - having acquired herpes(which according to Mehra is the first stage of AIDS), and was not able to campaign for Mukundan D(for Dhongi).