Mukundan ‘D for Devil/Dhongi’

Not to be confused with – Nelson Mandela(for skin color, not sandalwood), Chandraswami, Lucifer.

Most likely to say - Kat yahan se, TAKING TEST, sone de, tevriappayana.

The man who made sure that at the end of the year that it was said (even if it did not resound in the corridors of SRCC) that ‘work has been done in the HPS’. The HPS has now refunded all my dues, including the pair of shoes, and hence I no longer can use the excuse not to update this page. College topper, spiritual stud, and a big potential P.I.T.A. (pain in the ass). Primary nominee to be the next king of his sect, but only because the present leader has not seen him in Hostel. He was a hot candidate for most wanted roommate because his daily um… rituals involve mopping the room everyday. Well, actually they involve doing it thrice a day, but he doesn’t get the time from his busy schedule (hah!).

He’s the second newest addition to BAMS (it was still BAM when he joined) and the man who “no matter who else promises the same”,was the one to take the college trip to Goa. For that at least he must be given his due.