Priya Pampapati

Piya Pampapati(did I say Piya, oops, I meant Priya), a female with an attitude. Notice I didn't say attitude problem, I said attitude. Please note the difference - an attitute is a positive attribute whereas an attitude problem is a negative trait. Priya has an awesome attitude.

You know the best thing about her. She's not here. She's in Vizag. J/K. Priya was always one of those girls, those rare few in KV, who understood jokes. The same day. Better still, she cracked them too. Priya was the kind of person who would always make a good friend. True to the soppy proverb 'a friend in need...'

Priya was romance in the true meaning of the word. Still is I guess. An uncanny sense of humour and wit. Which is why you'll find that unlike the rest of my friends, I haven't pulled her leg to the same degree cuz she's the only one who could pull back. Harder.

Priya had her ups and downs. Her up was her tremondous potential to love. Her down was that she never exercised that potential with me. Yup, Priya was never a Cameron Diaz. But she seemed like one.

 I think I've made a complete hash of this write-up. I'll fix it later. I should get into my elemement by writing stuff on people who it's easy to poke fun at, like Soumil. Heh-heh. I love freedom of speech. Three cheers for the blue ribbon. Hurrah for the first ammendment.