Riddhima Marya

4th May 2008 - A blast from the past! Id promised 10 years ago to elaborate when we had the time. I heard from her last week - after all these years a reminder in my inbox, which urged me to undertake this long overdue edit.

The mail reads like its come from the girl I knew all those years ago. The girl next door, and closer than that - she was my bench-mate for my final years in school. Except in Mathematics class!

In two months, Ill be married to the girl I would forsake sitting with R for in Mathematics class. In two months, R will get a reminder in her inbox. A bet made all those years ago, which I can finally cash in on she wagered her first salary against mine that I would never marry a girl from our home shores. Glad were in touch again. :-)

As I look back on the time I spent with R and read her mail, I cant help but hope that she hasnt changed. She was so easy to be fond of, and I've always gone with the easy.

As I write about R, I feel oddly like Kevin Arnold. And hope that after all these years, were both thankful that we got by with a little help from a friend.