Rules and Regulations :

1. All students are required to report at Nizammuddin station on 18th Nov. at 09.00 hrs positively

2. Throughout the course of the trip, the participants are expected to maintain decorum and discipline.

3. No students will be allowed to move out of the hotel after 22.00 hrs. Any student found violating this rule shall be fined Rs500/- and the matter will be taken to the college authorities.

4. The students participating in the trip are expected to abide by any of the rules imposed from time to time during the course of the trip.

5. The participants are to adhere strictly to any of the time restrictions placed with respect to reporting for sight seeing or any other event.

6. Students are advised not to carry any valuables on the trip. If they do, they shall be totally responsible for them, whether in the hotel or otherwise.

7. Those who donít know swimming, or are not familiar with swimming in the sea are strongly advised not to indulge in swimming. No arrangement shall be made for their safety etc.

8. While at the beach please read signboards before entering the water and please follow the instructions therein.

9. While at the beach, do not swim without consulting a lifeguard.

10. Beware of strangers and tourist guides.