Rajat 'Khatta' Sureka

Not to be confused with (solely by Suwarman Chattopadhyay) PJ (common nick, but that's all that's common)

The man solely responsible for introducing the 'khatta', feared by Denizens of Shri Ram College Hostel worldwide. He is the only person to have his own personal permanent 'hot seat' for the quality(something stinks in here) of jokes. If Richard Bach knew who was quoting him, he'd be turning in his grave.

From experience any denizen will tell you that when 'Khatta' approaches with a wide grin on his face, he iss ure to release a stinker from an orifice on either side of his body. One need not wait to find out which orifice to delibirate on the course of action, as there can be but one - RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

BTW, you may post your opinions about Kareena Kapoor to Sureka.