Top 10 reasons for being in KV

(in no particular order)


7.You can wear an undersized lab-coat and jeans, and it matches the uniform closely enough for you to get away.(Been there, done that)

3.Football - Puts Fred Astaire 'singing in the rain' to shame

9.Panga - KV style (with bio teacher Mrs.Mallya interfering, "Ay! Kidhar marta hai?"

10.You get to use words like 'jhakaas', 'fulltup', and 'deks'

6.KV Teachers - educative entertainment

2.It beats studying in Army Public School

4.You get to call the Loo 'JAG' for Jehangir Art Gallery

8.Where else do people jump from the 4th floor?

5.Volunteer duty

1.KV Rules