ADdicted to Ads

The best Indian advertisements and commercials in the categories of Print, Television and Outdoor (Hoardings) as voted by the Advertising and Marketing students of Xavier Institute of Communication in a survey taken under the aegis of marketing guru and faculty member Mr.Sitesh Dutt in September 2002. The survey was undertaken as 48 students each listed their "Best 5 ads" and the results were then tabulated as under.
Product Advertisement / Commercial Medium Votes
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Cricket stadium - "Kya swad hai zindagi ka" TV 17
Airtel A.R.Rehman Recording Advertisment TV 10
Bajaj Auto Untiy in diversity - Hamara Bajaj TV 9
Fevikwik Fish Commercial 'Fisherman' TV 9
Fevicol Egg Commercial 'Chicken' TV 8
Pepsodent Boy brushing his teeth many times TV 8
Coca-cola 'Thanda matlab Coca-cola' Aamir Khan Campaign TV 7
Asian paints "Har Ghar Kuch Kahta Hai" - Piyush Pandey TV 6
Centre Shock Barber Shop "Hila ke rakh de" TV 6
Fevicol Shadow Commercial TV 5
Huggies "Huggies Babies Make Noises Too..." TV 5
Operation Flood "Doodh Doodh” jingle TV 5
Sprite "All taste, no gyan" 'Sprite bujhaye only pyas, baki all bakwas' TV 5
Erricson Mobile "One black coffee please" TV 4
Fair and Lovely ‘Dark circle remover’ Matching matching Lift Commercial TV 3
Kinley "Boond boond mein vishwas hai" TV 3
Mc Donalds “Be your child’s favourite parent” TV 3
Onida The Onida Devil Campaign TV 3
Orange "Price of Vada Pav - Rs.3 " Orange Incoming campaign" Hoarding 3
Raymonds Suitings School Teacher farewell "Raymonds - The Complete Man" TV 3
Saffola Kid TV 3
Allianz Insurance Not mentioned TV 2
Bisleri “Play Safe”  TV 2
Fevicol Bus Commercial a.k.a Truck (Cannes 2002 Lion Awardee) TV 2
Frooti The Digen Verma Affair Campaign TV 2
ICICI Prudential Sindoor Pneumonic TV 2
Liril Soap Preity Zinta advertisment TV 2
Maggi All advertisements TV 2
Mc Donalds New Mc Donalds Mexican Wrap TV 2
Nescafe "The taste that gets you started up" jingle TV 2
Olympics Stronger; faster; higher commercial TV 2
Orange "Ditto... and more" campaign  Hoarding 2
Pepsi Sumo Wrestlers Football World Cup prelude ad TV 2
Pepsi Launch ad - Remo Fernandes and Juhi Chawla TV 2
Ponds Black Head Remover Strips – Ladybird (ABBY Award) TV 2
Santro Santro Zip Drive – Shah Rukh & Preity Zinta "Sunshine Car" TV 2
Surf Excel "Surf Excel Hai Na" Building commercial TV 2
Vaseline Baby Cream "My Mother Uses Vaseline" advertisement TV 2
Yellow Pages Divorce Lawyer advertisement TV 2
5 p.m. Whiskey “Time for friends” advertisements TV 1
Adidas Anna Kournikova  brand ambassadress ads Print  1
AIWA "All over the world people speak…. AIWA" TV 1
Amul "The taste of India" campaign TV 1
Amul Chocolates "A Gift for someone you love" series TV 1
Anti-smoking "Cancer cures smoking" Cancer Patients Aid Association (Cannes 2003) Hoarding 1
Archies Greetings Not mentioned TV 1
Ariel Connections Print 1
Assoc. for Blind Blind man leading man down dark stairwell TV 1
Axe Deo Spray Pied Piper commercial  TV 1
Bajaj Auto “Freedom Bike” TV 1
Bajaj Bulbs Not mentioned TV 1
Bajaj Pulsar "Definitely Male" campaign TV 1
Boss Perfume Not mentioned TV 1
British Airways Not mentioned TV 1
Budweiser “Wassup?” Wassup Bud commercial  TV 1
Burberry's Perfume Bottle of perfume Print 1
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Adults acting like kids  TV 1
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Cyrus Brocha commercial TV 1
Cadburys Gems Tyre Puncture commercial TV 1
Cheezit Man throwing pebbles TV 1
Clorets “Dubara mat poochna” ad TV 1
Coca-cola Fardeen Khan & Rahul Khanna at beach TV 1
Coca-cola Musical instruments international commercial TV 1
Complan Boy on bicycle advertisement TV 1
Dove Soap "Dove is not a soap" TV 1
Evertune Con. Radio Not mentioned TV 1
Femina The bride takes the lead ad TV 1
Fiat Palio Michael Schumacher at Petrol Pump ad TV 1
Ford Mondeo Not mentioned TV 1
Garden Vareli Sari Persis Khambatta commercial TV 1
Glycodin Cough Syrup Natak girl at school TV 1
Hitachi "It's got to be perfect" jingle  TV 1
ICI Trophy Cricket rangoli advertisement TV 1
ICICI Prudential Father and son “Protect” ad TV 1 Times of India front page "Breaking with tradition..." media innovation Print  1
Intel P4 Aliens TV
J&J Baby Soap Johnson and Johnson - Not mentioned TV 1
Johnny Walker Roberto Baggio's walk “Keep walking” TV 1
Kargil Not mentioned TV 1
Kelvinator Dentures shaking in front of open refrigerator TV 1
Kelvinator Classical singer singing  TV 1
Kwality Walls Not mentioned TV 1
L.G. Golden Eye Not mentioned TV 1
Lakme Lipstick “Who's watching your lips today” cricket ground TV 1
Levis Jeans At School ad TV 1
Liril Soap “Liril Icy Cool” Antarctica advertisement TV 1
Lux Soap "Soap of the stars" series TV 1
Microsoft XP Boy and girl dress TV 1
Mirinda More Orangee football “Mera naam to Rocky hai” TV 1
Motorola V 70 Motospin “What’s your motto?” ad TV 1
M-seal "Ek tapakti chat aapki zindagi badal sakti hai" TV 1
Munch "Andar se light" TV 1
Nerolac Paints "Jab ghar ki ronak badani ho" TV 1
Nirma Washing Powder Not mentioned TV 1
Orange Crush Not mentioned TV 1
Pears Kid bathing TV 1
Pepsi "Nothing official about it" World Cup campaign TV 1
Pepsi Memorable jingle (?) TV 1
Pepsi Sachin Tendulkar & Amitabh Bachchan Kite flying festival (Prahlad Kakkar) TV 1
Pepsodent "Karta hun na" TV 1
Pfizer 3 old men “Dhadakte dilon ke liye” TV 1
Polo “The Mint With The hole” TV 1
Polo Drops “I buy Polo” Print  1
Power of One "You can make a difference" TV 1
Proline Adults as children TV 1
Raymonds Suitings Wedding ceremonies “Fine fabrics since 19.." TV 1
Samsung N620 Not mentioned TV 1
Mahindra Scorpio Tennis Court “I want THAT car” ad TV 1
Servo Engine Man makes pass at married lady  TV 1
Sonata By the lake  TV 1
Sprite Jaggu se Gentleman Print  1
Sprite Sachin Amitabh Pepsi spoof ad TV 1
Tide - P&G Not mentioned - Proctor and Gamble TV 1
Times of India "A Day in the life" - The Masthead of India TV 1
Unity "Mile sur mera tumhara" National Integrity jingle TV 1
Vico Turmeric Not mentioned TV 1
VIP “Kal bhi; aaj bhi” VIP commercial TV 1
Wagon R "Because I'm feeling, feeling at home" jingle TV 1
  Total 240

Class of 2003 (Advertising and Marketing)
Xavier Institute of Communicaton