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scientific advertisingClaude C. Hopkins - The Man
The Schlitz Beer Campaign

Canada Dry - History and Links, Possible Teaser Campaign Blueprints

Sitesh Dutt Project(SDP) - Feel the Pulse, The Best Ads Survey, Product Launch Simulation - Travel Portal

Swami Project (SWAP) - Product launch - Foster's LightIce Beer,
Creative Brief - Eveready Car Batteries

Creative Brief - MR Condoms
Product Launch : TA & Consumer Base - Boots' Beer

Sumanto Rudro Project (SRP) - Mailer - Shoppers' Stop (Thane Branch)

Shumona Project - Media from a Contemporary Cultural Studies Perspective -
In My Life - The Beatles Influence

Rajeev Chawla Project (RCP) - Batata Inc. - Branding the Potato
Stila Cosmetics - Lip Service to the Indian Youth Market

Market Research Project - Devangna Bhatt (Qualitative) - MBA Case Study
Katy Merchant (Quantitative) - HSBC Credit Card Launch Case Study

Anita Sharan Project (ASP) - Print Advertisment Critical Evaluation - Asian Paints

TVC Scripts - Tata Indigo, GO 92.5 FM, I-Biscuits

Loyalty Programme Case Study - Satchitananda Himalayan Retreat

The Digital vs. SLR Camera Debate - How to Speak a Thousand Words

Media Projects - Cadbury’s Media Posturing , Media Definitions and Significance

Independent Research - Indian Food and Beverage Industry - A Comprehensive List