Sonal Mane

What can u say about a girl that... Nah! I can't start like that. Love Story starts like that!

Sonal's now in Pune, DYPatil College of Engg, and in case your wondering why the elusive Pink Panther, it's not because 'pink is my favorite color'. It's because that's the colour of Sonal's uniform in college. Did I say uniform? Yes. I meant uniform. I was thinking the Pink Panther theme would be a nice background midi for the page, but that would be really rubbing it in, and I don't overdo jokes, right?Well, the one good thing that'll come out of it is that her compadres in college will be spared her exotic 'fashion' statements(except on Fridays - Allen Solly Friday dressing funda applies in DYP). Good for her too, they'll get to know the inside her, which is a sight better.

Another thing that comes to mind (well, not really) when speaking of Sonal is her lil' sister - Maithili. The words, "Hellomayiknowwho'scalling" are what you would hear if she picked up the phone, all in one breath. I suppose you can't blame her being rather a bit of a pest, considering who she's had to grow up with as a role model. Whew, if you want any idea of what I'm talking about(and you don't, trust me) try taking a seven year old kid with a big mouth(wonder who she got that from too!) to a Morgan Freeman blockbuster, answer all her inane questions about who's gonna die next and what happened last and try following the plot at the same time.

Talking of inane questions, no points for guessing where Maithilli learnt that from. Her sister is probably doing her diploma in 'INANE QUESTIONS' along with her Engg. degree in Computers. I never knew anybody above the age of four to ask as many inane qestions as Sonal. The funny thing was, most of them I used to manage to answer too, much to her satisfaction. Spoke to her on the net again today. She's got herself a cool nick - mist_0_heaven. Amazing where she suddenly borrows wit from sometimes. Recently I've been inclined to believe that she just acts dumb but all it takes is a few meetings with her, a few more inane questions and I'm convinced that she couldn't possibly act that well.

One great thing about her though, she's a lovely listener. Even if it means she'll make you be a lovely listener for an equivalent amount of time yourself. And though she might not be too much of a help with the solution to my problems it's always nice to hear a few words of consolation now and then. The nice thing about when she makes you a 'lovely listener' is that after she's through you'll start thinking yours is not such a bad life after all. She's much worse off. I mean, try imagining yourself in a pink uniform for one. Not convinced? Try imagining yourself in a pink uniform with a little sister not willing to listen to your inane questions and asking her own in turn which are even dumber than yours.

And then of course, there's the creative side to her. Her poetry I'm not inclined to making fun of, so as not to encourage the same being done with my poetry shamelessly dispalyed on under the Creativity section. She has written quite a large number of poems in her illustrious career as a poet. Some of them even rhyme!!!

All in all, a great dame, an excellent friend, and unlike a lot of others, she's pretty sporting about having her leg pulled. After all, she must be used to it. ;-)

24/12/01 - I'm  meeting the late latif tommorow. She's managed to spare some time from her uneventful schedule to catch a movie tomorrow.

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