The Writing on the Wall

Publications - Words That Must Be Said

Jatayu the Phoenix : Mumbai 26/11 - India Travelogue

Hell Is Other People : IIMPulse, Oculus 2005

Perfetti MD Stefano Pelle at IIM Lucknow : Press Release for IIC Talk - Cool Avenues

Born To Run : Oculus Times, IIM Lucknow 2004

Wake Up, Little Suzy : Portraits 2002

The Baklawl (Jan 2002) : The SRCH Newsletter

Desert Rose - Oasis revisited - The Write Stuff 2001

The Journals of Me : Hosteller's Diary - 2001

In BITS and Pieces : The trip to Pilani - Write Stuff 2000

You've Got Mail : Telecommunications on the Internet - Economic Times

Building a Cyberhome : Homepages and the like- Economic Times

Chronicles of a Bombay Rat : Commuting in Mumbai Trains - India Travelogue

A Village Before Time : Book review of 'A Village Before Time' by Madhavan Kutty - India Travelogue

The Dice is rolling : Book review of 'The Dice Man' by Luke Rhinehart - The Write Stuff 2000

Poetry - Verses in Rhythm

Not To Kill A Mocking Bird


Lucidly Lonely

August, Die She Must!

Alice's Adventures in Oz

A Moment of Moonlit Medicine

Purged of Sin

To Be With Me

The Game is Over

The Doors of Perception

Love and Let Live

Quintessence of normality

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall (published)

Hell is Other People - Can Analysis be worthwhile?

Hell Is Other People

The Tallest Poppy

Bridging the Distance Between Minds

Bridging the Distance to the Goal

Eye of the Beholder

Stretching The Goal

Thanks for all the Fish

Learning to Learn

The Pareto Principle

Remember The Titans

Straddling the Grapevine

Reality - An Illusion Caused by Alcohol Deficiency

Asato Ma Satgamaya

The Sound of Silence

The Parable of The Sadhu

The Golden Rule

What Mushroom is to Russian salad…

Suicide is Painless

About The Authors - Gurpreet Singh Sahi, Alok Garg, Anshul Kumar, Animesh, Siddhartha Butalia

Scripts - Is The Theatre Really Dead?


2005, A Spaced Out Sea

Unpublished - Couplets out of Rhyme


Within And Without You

Johnny Bravo

Cuz' We're Free... Free Falling


The Messenger Being Shot Again

The Boy in The Bubble

The Dangling Conversations

It's a Mission Statement (& reply)

The Beauty of Incomplete...

43 Things!