Editors’ Message

We are proud to bring out the illustrious and illustrated fifth issue of ‘The Baklawl’, the infrequent SRCH newsletter. Post Platinum Jubilee, post CAT and post Crossroads we did not suffer from a dearth of subject matter and neither astonishingly of contributors. Unwarrantedly rejected Portraits material was a primary source of the contents enclosed which stand unpublished in the yearbook due to their superior literary quality not befitting to be simply one of the many pages of ‘Portraits’ (you may find one of the editors’ acclaimed works enclosed as an illustrative example).

In our gracious gratitude we would like to thank first and most ourselves – the editors. Had it not been for our languidness (and dheelapan), Mukundan would not have had the opportunity to push us into this venture and would perhaps have found the time to give in one of the many articles missing from this issue. We owe him much for his words of ‘inspiration’ which we aim to repay in due course of time. Mohta for his contributions to Ashwin’s report on the electricity shock the DVB gave us and Nakul and the rest of the hostel for providing the opportunity for Mohta to act as step knee to Ashwin in writing the article. Modani for sparing us the brutal truth of the night’s performance in the PJC. Sushant Pande for enlightening us with the words ‘this is the article…’ below his memoirs of the amusing anecdotes of fachcha life. Marda for browbeating Mohit Baq Gupta and Baq for changing his stand from ‘c***iyape mat kar yaar’ to being browbeaten by Marda.

We hope you enjoy this issue. May ‘The Baklawl’ be passed on and down the generations of denizens to follow!

- Siddhartha Butalia
Avinash Agarwal